Girl Squad Fitness San Diego

Inspiring self-confidence,
lasting healthy habits,
and a love of movement
within our youth


Be PROUD to be YOU

We are a San Diego community-based after school program for 5th to 8th grade girls that teaches the physical, mental, & emotional value of everyday physical activity without the pressures of team sports.

We are not your typical fitness program! We blend movement with reflective exercises that focus on self-confidence, self-acceptance, & positive peer interactions. We provide a safe space for girls to learn how to connect & accept their peers. We respect our TEAM!

We inspire girls to find their own love of movement & learn to build healthy habits that will last into adulthood. We empower girls to be PROUD of their physical activity successes & PROUD to be who they are!

Middle school girls writing self-compassion letters

FUN Fitness for ALL

Children and adolescents should spend 60 minutes every day being physically active.

Daily physical activity and joining our squad can help:
Control anxiety
symptoms of depression
the bones, the lungs, and the heart
Improve cognitive and overall academic performance
Boost self-confidence
Stop the path to diabetes
Increase time management skills
Increase concentration
Create a space for positive peer relationships
Boost energy levels in the classroom
Create healthy habits for adulthood

“People are always tearing themselves down, and this gave us a chance to build ourselves up ... My friend and I decided we would go together to see what it was like. We loved it. I enjoyed it so much that I’ve only missed one (session).”

— Bethany, 6th grade Girl Squad member

“At Girl Squad Fitness we learn about the importance of exercise and our muscles, while working our bodies, and still developing great connections with the other girls. Elise always insures that everyone is comfortable and having a great time!”

— 8th grade Girl Squad member


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